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Indoor Air Quality


As indoor air quality becomes a key focus in the restoration industry, use of technologies known to positively impact the health of the indoor environment both during and after restoration is a must.

When it comes to protecting your family's health, the indoor air quality in your home is an important consideration. Indeed the EPA lists indoor air quality as one of the top five risks to public health in the US.


Air duct cleaning

The benefits of air duct cleaning and the many of health problems it can prevent make it an important step to include in a home or office maintenance routine.

Dirty air ducts have been identified as a major source of indoor air pollution. Your air duct system is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, mold, viruses and other health-threatening microorganisms.

Indoor air pollutants can affect us all, but they can especially affect the health of young children, the elderly and the estimated 55 to 60 million Americans who suffer from allergies, asthma, emphysema and other breathing problems.

A clean heating and cooling system can also greatly improve efficiency, thereby prolonging equipment life and reducing running time, which results in lower monthly energy bills.

How it’s done:

• Every duct run will be cleaned using a state of the art negative pressure system, Powerful gas vacuum and compressor along with a high pressure air whip
• The return grill will be vacuumed by hand
• A fog of odorless sanitizer will be dispersed throughout the ductwork
• The technician will reinstall all of the clean registers and clean up excess debris
• No hidden costs or surprises. A friendly, experienced, certified professional technician will perform the service



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Very prompt and professional. Work was well done and clean up was complete. I would highly recommend them.
– Ann g., Englewood, NJ
Very quick response to our original phone call. Good service and communication.
– Laura J., Morristown, NJ
OUTSTANDING. I was extremely impressed with their knowledge, service and professionalism. I highly recommend them to anyone."
– Eileen A., Edison, NJ