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Crawl space Encapsulation


Experts say the air you breathe on the first floor of your home comes directly from beneath the house - or straight from the crawl space. Think about the condition of your crawl space and the moisture, insects and dust; now think about the quality of the air you breathe.

Crawl space Encapsulation, also called a vapor or moisture barrier, is based on the installation of a moisture barrier or liner. The liner is placed over the exposed ground and up the walls of the crawl space, providing a barrier between the ground and the air in the crawl space. Preventing the moisture from entering the crawl space the key to keeping your crawl space dry, and the air you breathe in your home clean.

When the moisture is present in the crawl space beneath your home, it is carried throughout the rest of the home. This leads to an increase of allergens like mold, dust and dust mites. By eliminating the moisture, the allergens are dramatically reduced, improving the air quality and the threat of mold spores.


Encapsulation Benefits

Moisture is the root of many problems associated with the air quality and safety of your home. Not only does moisture promote mold growth, it can also cause damage to the foundation of your home. When moisture is allowed to collect in the crawl space, it also is a breeding ground for insects and increases your energy expenses through heat loss. Other benefits of crawl space encapsulation include:

• A reduction of allergens like mold, dust and dust mites throughout your entire home.

• Reduces energy costs as it provides insulation in the crawl space.

• Improves air quality inside the home.

• Deters many insects, spiders, rodents and termites. Termites will cause significant damage to your home and structure.

• Provides extra storage space. Crawl space encapsulation turns your wet, musty crawl space into dry, sanitary, usable storage space.

• Reduces the most likely source of entry of radon gas into your home.

• Eliminates the musty smell that may creep into your home.


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